The app for research on respiratory health in children

By and for researchers

RespiRecord has been developed by researchers for researchers. The platform supports scientific research into respiratory health, aiming to optimize studies on respiratory ailments. This could expedite the availability of new medications and therapies.

Successful research often largely depends on having enough engaged participants. The RespiRecord app ensures that participants can easily join and stay actively involved through notifications and information.

RespiRecord enables the simple and efficient collection of high-quality data through monitoring health parameters and deviations (adverse events) in participants.

The methodology applied by RespiRecord has already been successfully used in many other studies. The technology is also certified as a medical instrument (CE).


The methodology behind RespiRecord has already been applied in several respiratory health studies. Protea will be the first study to be conducted using the specifically developed RespiRecord.

Protea Study

Functionalities RespiRecord

RespiRecord is modularly designed. For each study, it can be determined which modules and configurations are needed based on the desired support. Additionally, the setup can largely be done by the study team itself.

Module ePRO

Digital questionnaires diaries
Validated questionnaires
Personalize administrations

Module eConsent

Electronic Signature
Digital education
Pre-screen participants

Module Visit

Smart visitscheduling based on protocol
Inform participants
Video calling

Module eCRF

Collect data
Create smart forms
Export data

The initiators

The initiators behind the RespiRecord app aim to optimize research into respiratory complaints, so that better treatments can be applied more quickly.

Gerdien Tramper

Principal Investigator and Pediatrician
Franciscus Gasthuis & Vlietland
Inger van Duuren

Franciscus Gasthuis & Vlietland

Safe and validated

RespiRecord has been developed with the help of technology partner Your Research. Your Research is a safe and validated platform that ensures data and signals generated from electronic patient-reported outcomes and sensors are reproducible and reliable.

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